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Controller 3200 C

The Controller 3200 C with Atom processor offers everything that an automation specialist desires from a strong partner: a compact and especially robust design, large power reserves and a comprehensive set of features.
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Controller c300

The slimline solution for the control cabinet: c300
Based on the 3200 C, the c300 fits seamlessly into our platform which is built on a consistently modern system architecture.

The benefits: within the Controller-based Automation system, the precisely tailored Controller c300 takes responsibility for all of your control tasks. It focusses primarily on basic control (PLC) and motion tasks. Space-saving and intelligent at the same time.
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Controllers c500

Growing machine requirements and new challenges in the field of Digital Services increase the demands on control units in automation systems. Our new generation of cabinet controllers now provides the ideal response.

This new product range enables you to conveniently solve high-end control applications, such as printing machines with many printing units or picker lines with several robots. Thus, modern and modular machine controls can be implemented based on the FAST software modules.
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Controller p500

We have taken yet another step towards creating an easier future with the p500 a perfect combination of maintenance-free panel-mounted controller, logic (PLC), motion and visualisation in a single device. It is ideally suited for use as a control and visualisation system within controller-based automation systems suiting applications with central motion control or as a visualisation device within a drive-based automation system.
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Controller p300

Based on the Panel Controller p500, the new p300 fits seamlessly into our platform which is built on a consistently modern system architecture. It combines logic (PLC) and visualisation in a compact device and is ideally suited to machine applications which only require a low processing power. With the same system properties as its older brother, its strength lies in its visualisation capabilities when used as an HMI. By extending the Controller portfolio with the p300, Lenze has opened up new possibilities within the system.
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