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Synchronous servo-motors series TA

KEB synchronous servo-motors are permanently-excited, electronically switched synchronous motors - Made in Germany - for applications with the highest requirements in quality and positioning accuracy, but also compact and low weight.
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Asynchronous DM / DA servo-motors

KEB Asynchronous servo-motors are universal low-voltage motors for optimum efficiency, whether for operation directly from mains or in controlled or regulated operation with COMBIVERT Drive Controllers in the Motion Control application.

The motors provide a cost-effective solution for challenging drive tasks, with control from speed 0 in field weakening.
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Synchronous servo-motors series DL 2

Dynamic Line DL2
The DL2 series is designed to meet additional requirements with further rated speeds and additional encoder system options.
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Synchronous servo-motors series Dynamic Line DL3

Designed as a system solution with COMBIVERT S6 actuators, the DL3 series offers universal motor series with smooth surface and compact angle connectors for use in mechanical engineering. The universal winding ensures flexible use on 230V and 400V actuators. Easy installation with pre-assembled connectors form the wiring for the motor and encoder system, available in lengths of 1 to 50 m.
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